Driving License
How do I get a driving license?
To drive safely on the road is your goal when you have your driving license.
It is not only about your own safety, but also others safety is very important.
Before getting a driver's license, you first have to do a theory test and a driving test at the CBR.
Of course you have to be healthy enough to drive.
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New driver
Everyone who obtains a driving license for the first time falls under the regulation of new drivers.
For the new driver, stricter rules apply for the first five years after receiving your driving license.
The new road users will receive a penalty if they are arrested for tailgating, a speed violation of more than thirty kilometers per hour and causing accidents involving injuries or deaths.
The driving license is suspended if someone has been arrested and sentenced for the third time.
If it appears from a subsequent driving test that the new driver is not capable of driving, the driving license is declared invalid.
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