Frequently Asked Questions
When can I start my first driving lesson?
You can always start immediately.
Do I always have the same instructor and lesson car?
Yes, in principle, it is more pleasant for the pupil but also for the instructor.
"Force majeure" may deviate from this, for example to sickness or repair.
How old do I have to be to be able to start my driving lessons?
You must be 16 years old for the theory exam and 16.5 years for practice lessons.
Should I first get my theory?
No, it is a requirement when applying for an interim test or exam.
So you can start your driving lessons right!
Can I also get individual guidance for my theory?
Yes, that is possible, please feel free to contact us.
Is a trial/intake pre-compulsory?
No, a trial/intake is for the pupil and instructor an opportunity to make acquaintance with each other.
For example, you can get to know the driving instructor and the way of teaching without any obligation.

Is a trial/intake free?
No, the trial/intake costs €25.00.
Can I buy packages for my driving proof?
Yes, that is possible, we offer various packages.
More information about current prices can be found here.
Can I have lessons more often in the week?
Yes, you may take driving lessons several times a week.
Driving several times a week is even good for your driving development.
Can I also have lessons in the evening or at weekends?
Yes, it is wise, if the possibility arises, to take lessons during the day at different times during the week.
After all, the ride is also daytime.
Can I tune my package to my liking?
Yes, you want to lesson 1 hour or 8 hours a week, because for example your study/work also takes time?
No problem, at Autorijschool Karin de Ruiter in consultation with the instructor, we may make a planning and package that is tailored to your agenda/possibilities!
How do I get teaching materials?
You can order textbooks and CD-ROMs through the driving school, see also.
On which days and times can I learn lessons?
This can be from Monday through Saturday, the Times are in consultation with your instructor.
Can I also speed up my driving proof?
Yes, it is possible if you have plenty of free time during the day.
In consultation with you we would like to put together an accelerated programme.
How will the payment be made?
You can pay in cash at the end of the riding lesson.
If you take a lesson package, you will receive an invoice and you can transfer it by bank.
Is your question not in between?
Please feel free to contact 06-27048846, E-mail, contact form, Facebook or Whatsapp 06-27048846